[LMB] horseriding and gaited horses OT: was thoughts upon rereading TSK:B, pt 3

Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 20:20:46 GMT 2007

Ann wrote:
> And Stjarni is an Icelandic pony, 14
> hands (big for that breed), who's just lovely and oh-so-smart.  For all
> riders out there: if you've never ridden a gaited horse at one of their
> smooth gaits (tolt in the case of Stjarni), you really should.  It's
> amazing!

Ooooh!  Envy envy envy.

Back in Lompoc in the late '90s I used to ride with a friend who had
two foxtrotters.  Gaited horses are marvelous.

I did take riding lessons with Morgans to learn to properly sit a trot
- what a horrible teacher I had, she was determined to tell horror
stories and frighten me at the level she probably needed to for
teenagers who think they're immortal,  not the level for a cautious
entering-middle-aged woman, and her training was too rigidly aimed at
competition ring work, not trail riding.

There was a horse breeding farm up near us, that had Icelandic ponies.
 I learned about them, and went to visit and met them.  I figured out
that they would be my ideal horse.  Maybe someday...

Please pat Stjarni for me next time you go riding!

Laura Gallagher

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