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On 2/19/07, Laura Gallagher <celticdragonfly at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ann wrote:
> > And Stjarni is an Icelandic pony, 14
> > hands (big for that breed), who's just lovely and oh-so-smart.  For all
> > riders out there: if you've never ridden a gaited horse at one of their
> > smooth gaits (tolt in the case of Stjarni), you really should.  It's
> > amazing!
> Ooooh!  Envy envy envy.

Stjarni has his own infrequently-updated LJ:
http://slitrublesi.livejournal.com/  Warning: towards the bottom there are
two entries that may make you cry (the photo and the one just before it,
which explains why the photo is there.)

He's a doll.

> I did take riding lessons with Morgans to learn to properly sit a trot
> - what a horrible teacher I had, she was determined to tell horror
> stories and frighten me at the level she probably needed to for
> teenagers who think they're immortal,  not the level for a cautious
> entering-middle-aged woman, and her training was too rigidly aimed at
> competition ring work, not trail riding.

See, I have made out really well in that regard.  I started lessons with
Stjarni's owner, but then there was barn drama and they got kicked out of
one barn and had to move to another, and I bounced around a bit (in the
meantime picking up the gig riding Minnie, who would not be ridden at all if
I wasn't willing).  A few weeks ago, I found what I was looking for: a big,
professionally-run barn that's not at *all* a show barn.  It's actually a
therapeutic riding program that gives recreational riding lessons to
supplement their income.  And... the vast majority of the ladies are like
me, returnees to riding after many years.  The barn owners like us, because
we help keep the horses fit and not-bored.

So ask around and find out where in your area is the best place for a rider
like you.  My new instructor tells me that adult women returning to riding
are the biggest group of riders out there!

There was a horse breeding farm up near us, that had Icelandic ponies.
> I learned about them, and went to visit and met them.  I figured out
> that they would be my ideal horse.  Maybe someday...

Stjarni's owner describes them as "smart like Arabians, but without the
teleport gene."  While I was riding yesterday, the kids next door were
playing basketball (in the snow, yes...), and when their ball bounced
sideways and down the hill and right into the circle Stjarni and I were
making, he pricked his ears and thought about stepping sideways.  And that's
it.  By comparison, Minnie would have jumped and cantered sideways about 30

They can be very stubborn -- because they think for themselves, and
sometimes have a "do you really want me to do that stupid thing?" attitude
-- and very much one-rider horses; part of the reason I get to ride Stjarni
is that his owner doesn't want him to become a one-rider horse.  (She's
actually trying to get all her friends who ride to buy Icelandics, by
seducing us with Stjarni and his tolt.  Wish I could afford it, sigh!)

Please pat Stjarni for me next time you go riding!
> Laura Gallagher
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