[LMB] horseriding and gaited horses OT:

Paula Gillis kuvwgillis at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 24 06:09:10 GMT 2007

Mark Allums wrote:
> There's "barn drama"?

Oh sweet mother of heaven, yes.

Some amount of abrasion is normal. There are many competing - and
sometimes opposing - philosophies of training and management, and
reasonable, well-meaning people from all levels and disciplines can
have fierce disagreements about what's best.

(This is the mantra of the hired, independent-contractor riding
instructor who must must must not alienate the client, ever.)

Then there's the people who do things like, say, buy a pony without a
vet check, move it away, lame it, then sue months later, alleging a
fraudulent sale. Not to mention the poisonous places where slagging and
backstabbing is endemic. I have been fortunate to mostly avoid barns
like that.

best regards,
Paula Gillis

humble servant to Jo and Roy, ex-racehorses extraordinaire

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