[LMB] another AKICOTL request

Doctor Nightfall musko_no_kaji at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 28 18:32:45 GMT 2007

>I've recently discovered a German group, Lesiem - it's a
>wonderful combination of rock, electronic music, and Gregorian
>Chant. Some of the lyrics are in English, but there's a lot in
>Latin as well, and my Latin studies are so long ago as to be
>for example, one song has the refrain:
>Muri At Populum Non Est Refugium
>Muri At Populum Occultum Terrenum


I have to say that it seems, after a little contemplation, that the english 
translation is something like "The morals of the people are not a safe 
place; the morals of the people are a hidden land."

Be warned, my Latin is also rusty; so that's as close as I'm willing to put 
muself to. However, the "Muri" piece might also have translated as "mice". 
And that really didn't seem to fit. ;)

I'll gte back to you once I've done a little deeper examination.


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