[LMB] Slash (was OT) now Bujold Romance/Slash Meta OT: (again)

Kirsten Edwards carbonelle at juno.com
Thu Jan 4 05:36:52 GMT 2007

"Lots of tease and titillation, lots of consumerism 
and materialism, but speaking as a sex educator and 
activist, what we mostly have is pleasure in service 
to something else, usually selling things, not 
pleasure for the sake of pleasure."

You've nailed that one to wall. 

By the by, I want your advice rather badly: The original
Bill W. comment was that what little he saw of slash
he disliked *because it reminded him of the modern
trope that everything and it's brother (not to mention
the dog) had to be about Teh Sex*

You, everyone (even me!) have agreed that, as you say,
"because slash is a subgenre of erotic/romantic fiction. 
[...so...] in this genre, the odds are right up there 
with the odds that the handsome plumber is just going 
to fix the sink and leave."

What I had been trying to comment on, almost from the
get go, is the side issue, that is, that Bill W. dislikes
said modern trope (of which, slash is, IMHO, a rotten
example). Hence the correction for our age, Apollo vs.
the Wine-God, etc. etc. etc. Call it the "finding the
sexual subtext in fargin' EVERYTHING phenomenon if you
like. It's as if everything had to be about PENGUINS.
You wouldn't want to drag in the folks making treks to
So. Polar regions into your complaints.

And then of course, I got side-tracked by the whole, 
Hey! Maybe slash has to do with the whole escaping the
un-romance of diapers and biology and whatnot.

But what was I (am I) doing wrong in the previous?

Your humble servant,

Kirsten (posting after hours-in another 20 min. I turn
back into a 'net pumpkin, alas)

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