[LMB] Legacy ARC, woohoo!

Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 00:38:37 GMT 2007

I just won the auction on the ARC for Legacy, 2nd try!  I just got to
tell Karl in front of everybody here at his birthday party that he
WILL be getting that for his birthday present.  Yay!  (His birthday is
Monday, but we're observing it today.)

I won't be able to mail it around, because it IS Karl's, and his
policy is that Bujold doesn't get loaned out outside our house to
anybody, because of problems we had in the past getting it back.
However, any listees that are close enough, or will be passing
through, and would like to come over and visit, and get sat down
comfortably with the book to read, is welcome to.  Well, I expect
there's three of us here who will want dibs, but we should go through
it pretty soon.

We are in the northwest part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, in Texas.

I will now get back to dancing the happy dance about the ARC, and
continuing the party.  We're just let him open his presents, and blow
out the candles on his cake (after we relit them - Jamie just had his
birthday last month, so thinks HE should blow out candles on any cake
he sees), and we're making sandwiches and playing games.

Laura Gallagher

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