[LMB] Re: OT: Humorous Home Improvement Story

anmar mirza anmar.mirza at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 17:15:50 GMT 2007

On 1/9/07, Sylvus Tarn <sylvus at rejiquar.com> wrote:
> If I'd had to hire people to do all the wiring, flooring, sheetrock
> installation etc we've done to this place we'd be in the poorhouse.  If
> it's beyond my expertise (plumbing new gas lines, rebuilding chimneys,
> or indeed anything having to do with our steeply pitched roof) I hire
> the work done.  If I don't feel like doing it (coping with the animals
> in my roof and under the alcove, which is what I'm supposed to be doing
> instead of posting;) I hire it done.
> In my view, owning a house is a responsibility, and people should take
> the trouble to educate themselves upon purchase.  Nothing fancy---the
> readers' digest homeowner's manual is plenty specific enough to give the
> average person enough info to know whether they want to attempt it
> themselves, or farm the work out.

I have to agree here too.  Much of this stuff is not rocket science and
anyone who takes a bit of trouble can learn to do it themselves or can
follow directions to do it themselves.  Just going and doing it without
being appraised of the dangers and problems is dumb, but attempting
to do it properly prepared is a giid thing, IMO.

The professionals have all of the proper tools and have done enough of
to do it faster, but remember, most of these people are blue collar workers
a HS diploma, it did not take PhD level schooling to get there (I am not
tradeworkers, I have done everything it takes to completely build a house
by hand myself and I have a fine appreciation of the time it takes to become
an artisan and how much effort kowing the tricks saves).

US culture has evolved heavily towards "don't try to understand it, just
pay someone else to do it for you."  That attitude gives me pause.  I have
no problem with hiring work out if the scope exceeds ones time and
but a person should not be limited thusly.


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