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PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Wed Jan 10 06:09:15 GMT 2007

>From: The Sundance Kid <bobug at yahoo.com>
>"PAT MATHEWS" <mathews55 at msn.com> wrote (with liberal snippage)
>I just wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper about people who
>clear their driveways but not their sidewalks, the jerks who cleared
>their driveways and private walkways but not their sidewalks, the
>businesses across from UNM who didn't clear their sidewalks, and the
>absolute, total, self-centered fools who cleared their driveways and
>piled the snow on the sidewalks to form an impasible barrier!
>*snips the rest, but notes it's about Albuquerque*
>I was more than a little shocked at how the city handled the snow...
>Coming from Ohio (Cincinnati sees little snow, but has pretty emphatic
>"You must clean your sidewalks, even if you don't do your driveway"
>laws) and living in Maine (where it's all done, right away)... I saw
>Albuquerque turn into a sheet of ice, at least my complex did...
>Because nobody got around to shoveling OR salting (or your choice of
>non-toxic snow melting stuff) within several days. Or they'd shovel a
>single lane in a 2-lane wide road, then wonder why there were piles of
>ice, and it was hard to shovel (they rented a backhoe to scrape at the
>ice piles on Friday... which would have been unnecessary, had they
>stepped up)
>I found it pretty funny that everyone I talked to thought the world was
>ending (we had about 6" on the NW side)... and pretty bizarre that
>property managers weren't fined for not having clear, passable areas.
>Property here == residential and commercial. They did a blurb on the
>news about it... handicapped spots, by and large, had ice piles by the
>driver's side door... not the easiest to maneuver around...
>Could be a regional thing? I have no idea. I was ready to grab a shovel
>of my own, just to take care of any other snow that came along, as I
>loathe walking on packed snow and ice.
>-Heather, new Albuquerqueian, and very puzzled.

I can tell you what happened on my end. I had my snow shovel in the tool 
shed and by the time it stopped falling there was very well past ankle-depth 
of snow between here and there. My boots proved to be incredibly bad. Who 
sells thin vinyl paint over fabric as snow boots? I finally accessed it by 
edging around the driveway through the gate and around the edge of the 
garage. AFTER a friend had driven his 4x4 up the driveway to make tracks. I 
did not own any rock salt and did not trust the clumping cat litter to do 
the job. I did use common table salt on part of it.

I shoveled what I could and was lifting heavy ice chunks off the walk and 
onto the lawn. Fine. But I couldn't get at some of them. The friend with the 
4x4 also cleared my sidewalk - I didn't have the strength to do it. Hire 
someone? Who? Where would I find them?

Between us we got the sidewalk and walkways cleared, helped by days when it 
went up past frezing.

It took several days. And that was doing my level best. With help.

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