[LMB] OT: sidewalk etiquette,

quietann quietann at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 20:03:03 GMT 2007

In Boston, owners are required to shovel the sidewalks in front of their
homes/businesses.  Businesses have much less time to do it than homeowners.

However, for whatever reason, if the property is on a corner, one is not
required to shovel the walk all the way to the street.  So we get these big
piles of snow, plowed snow, shoveled snow, and ice on all the corner curbs,
usually filling up the curbcuts for wheelchairs, where those exist, and
people have to climb over them.  It's *very* annoying and makes using the
sidewalks impossible for the non-able-bodied.

So far this winter, snow has not been an issue in Boston; there has been one
snowfall of about an inch.  This year's weird weather (including over 70
degrees F on JANUARY 6) gives me the creeps, although it makes my newly
re-adopted horseback riding addiction much easier to deal with.

quietann at gmail.com

aka "The Accidental Jewess"

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