[LMB] OT: other writers

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Sat Jan 27 11:08:57 GMT 2007

Mark Allums wrote:
> As long as we are off the subject, any opinions of Glen Cook?  In 
> particular, the Black Company books?  I recently read one of them, and 
> was stuck by how depraved some of the leading characters are.  Is this 
> typical?

It's certainly typical of the Black Company books. I personally found the 
first trilogy to be fairly good, despite this, but the series went downhill 
rather badly after that.

His "Garrett, P.I." series is more palatable; the first three or four - 
_Sweet Silver Blues_, _Bitter Gold Hearts_, and _Cold Copper Tears_, 
plus perhaps _Old Tin Sorrows_ - are quite good (although there's a 
slow decline in quality visible even in those four). The series continued 
to be at least modestly entertaining for several more volumes before 
dropping off a cliff with _Petty Pewter Gods_, at which point I stopped 
reading them. The series is noir, but it's nowhere near as ugly as the 
other one gets.

Jim Parish

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