[LMB] list request and welcome to Ziviya's new baby boy and welcome back to Beth!

Tora K. Smulders-Srinivasan tora.smulders at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 09:40:12 GMT 2007

First, congratulations and welcome to Ziviya's new addition!

Second, hi Beth!  Good to "see" you again!

Third, along the lines of baby bookworms -- our 12 and a half month
old son, Sean, has done something really exciting!!  He's seriously
progressed from eating books (even/especially the board books -- he'd
gnaw on the corners until he could start eating them!) to wanting to
read them!!  Sean just really started this clearly last night --
wanting to be read to for a quite a while.

I'm so excited.  He's just started pointing at the shelf where we keep
his books (out of reach so he can't eat them all up!) and wanting us
to get them down.  He indicates I should sit on the couch with him on
my lap and read them to him!  He's really looking at the pictures and
interacting with all the opening flaps and textures, depending on the
books.  He even looks at the books with just pictures (without any
special designed to catch his interest) and when he's done with a
page, indicates that I should turn the page!!!  He's not as interested
in me reading what's on the page, but I assume that will come later
(though of course I do anyway).  ;-) It's such fun doing it, he's so
sweet snuggling and looking at the books.

So far, our baby books are almost entirely gifts (some great ones!),
but now that Sean's really showing an interest, I'd like some
suggestions on what other books to buy for him!  He's already showing
preferences and clearly getting bored with them after
looking/touching/interacting with them for a while.  So I'd like to
encourage him with more.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good baby board books?  Or even
just regular books for slightly older kids?  I bought a Berenstein
Bears book Early Reader book on sale (I remember loving those!), and
he sits quietly looking but not touching it when I read it, so board
books are probably not essential.

I'd like some really good books, as a couple of the gifts I'm already
starting to really hate reading to him.  Textual inconsistencies,
English rhyming patterns (idea and clear rhyme? are you kidding? I
can't say them so they do!)  :-)

The ones that he and I tend to really like are some simple ones with
textures and since there are more in the series (he got 2 as gifts),
I'm thinking we'll buy him more of those if I can find them. They've
got furry bits of tigers and seals and knobby chameleon skin, and
stuff like that.  Very cool.

Sorry to ramble, but I thought this list was a good source for finding
good baby books and I had to share my excitement with people who'd
understand the joy of a new interest in books!  :-D

Don't forget, suggestions, please!!

-Tora, yes, he will probably read Bujold eventually

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