[LMB] where are they? (rant about the absense of Bujold books in Oz)

Raye Johnsen raye_j at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 02:19:44 GMT 2007

--- Lucy Chubb <lucy at chubb.wattle.id.au> wrote:

> It always amazes me when I go shopping for books (in
> Australia) to find
> that the science fiction/fantasy section is
> _entirely free_ of Bujold books.
> Not a single solitary one did I find on my shopping
> expedition yesterday.
> I'm not talking about about a minor bookshop here --
> this was one of the
> big ones!

I've never found a single Bujold in any of the chain
bookstores here in Brisbane.  I've always found them
in Pulp Fiction, our specialty SF/Fantasy/Mystery
bookstore (they do run a mail order service for people
not in Brisbane or who find it difficult to get to the
CBD, so if you're in Queensland or the Territory, ring
07 3236 2750 or email pulpfiction at compuserve.com -
they don't have a webpage, sorry).  If it's not on the
shelf, they will order it in for you (usually pretty
smartly, I've never had to wait longer than six weeks
for anything).

If you're in NSW, Victoria or SA, then your best bet
is probably Galaxy Bookshop at
<http://www.galaxybooks.com.au/>.  I used to order
from them before Pulp Fiction opened up, so I know
from experience that their prices and P&H charges are

I have no recommendations for WA.  Perhaps a Perth
listee can help there?


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