[LMB] AKICOT:L Kolin eBook

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Thu Mar 1 11:36:35 GMT 2007

Some time ago I was offered a new, small, light
eBook reader called the Kolin EB683. It is very
nice but it has a minor problem - the manual is
in Chinese. The data loading software is in
English, but its operation is not intuitive and
there are no help files. When I bought it I was
promised an English manual in a month or two
but this has not been forthcoming.

[A] Does any list member have one and know how
to use it?

[B] Can any list member who reads Chinese
visit http://i-library.kolin.com.tw/ and tell
me what to do next?

James the frustrated (in Milan)

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