[LMB] RE: Where are they? Rant about lack of LMcMB Books in OZ

hoffman2 at globaldial.com hoffman2 at globaldial.com
Thu Mar 1 12:53:02 GMT 2007

Hey Ray etal, I am from WA an we boast two great specialist bookshops, Tim's 
White Dwarf Si Fi Bookshop and Fantastic Planet (with the most over qualified 
staff ever) both are reliable sources plus a few of the big franchises are 
stocking Lois McMB's books Her problem is her books sell quickly! (In Perth 

Tim gets LMcMB's books to me shortly after release date as I have a standard 
order for anything she writes along with a few other great authors and 
Fantastic have a great social life...take your pick. Trick is to find the shop 
that will hold a book you want for you until you are in town.

Whishing you great reading....Lois (yeah I started to read her cause we have 
the same name..hooked ever since)

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