[LMB] (news) Blackstone note -- Memory, HH

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Thu Mar 1 18:32:09 GMT 2007

Ah ha --

    I am pleased to note that Blackstone Audio now has _Memory_ and _The 
Hallowed Hunt_ up on their website, although the entry for HH seems 
still to be under construction, somewhat.


    Toward the bottom of the page.

    The MP3 prices aren't too out of line, and I see _Memory_ has a 
digital download already advertised, which is usually through Audible.  
But a quick check of my page on Audible's website doesn't show it up 
there yet -- there is usually a delay between Blackstone and Audible, 
I've noticed in the past, so presumably the new entries will be along in 
due course.

    Ta, L.

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