[LMB] A Convert (Finally)

Adam Ek adamek at mac.com
Thu Mar 1 23:52:56 GMT 2007

After years of her refusing to read them ("I don't like SF, I like  
fantasy," she says. "Those books look boring," she says.) I finally  
got my step-daughter to read Bujold. She's read all of the Miles  
books up to Brothers in Arms and is reading them about one every  
other day.

My wife was a Bujoldian before I met her. Our first long talk  
together (a few months before we got engaged) was when I brought  
Butterbug I by the Arisia fanzine lounge for her to sign it. We spent  
about an hour looking at what other people had written in it, talking  
about favorite passages, and then books in general.

Over seven years ago now. Wow, how time flies.

Adam Ek
adamek at mac.com

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