[LMB] Audible?

Martin Gill martinsgill at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 09:17:31 GMT 2007

I was wondering if any listees use Audible.

I've walked around their site a bit, and the one thing I haven't
figured out is just how the audio is delivered.

Mostly the thing I'm against is DRM. I want to be able to play my
books still in 10 years time when audible is gone and dusted and their
software is totally unable to run anymore.

I also want to be able to play it where I want. On my computer
Windows/Linux, On my mp3 player (no matter the brand) on my HiFi as
mp3 CD, or even as burnt audio cd.

Can any listees tell me just how many of my options I'd lose if I were
to sign up with audible?

Additionally, and regardless of the above, just how impressed (or not)
are listees with audible's service?


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