[LMB] Audible?

Martin Gill martinsgill at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 15:27:48 GMT 2007

> Now I use different devices for different books and that works better..

That's the problem. I don't see why I should have to cater to the
industry's paranoia. If you needed a different "book holder" just to
read book from different publishers books would have have been

The burning to CD is an interesting option, because then I suppose I
could rip the CD back into an open format. Lot of effort, when they
could just give the stuff without DRM. Actually, just downloading it
directly is a lot less effort, and it's cheaper too.

I think Eric Flint was right when he said DRM is actually encouraging
piracy (http://preview.baens-universe.com/articles/salvos6). Hmm..
might need to write a blog entry on this.

I might try one of those free months from audible (i think i saw them
offer them). doubt it will do any good though, if what you say about
having to have different devices for different books, what a load of
(expletive deleted).


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