[LMB] Audible?

James cessnadriver at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 05:48:45 GMT 2007

Are the Audible books purchased through the iTunes store audible
format files, or iTunes formatted files? (I think Audible books are
.aa, while the iTunes ones are .m4p).

Only reason I ask is I have been fairly successful at defanging iTunes
stuff (not that I really need to, since I use iTunes and my iPod, but
it's nice to have them defanged anyhow as I might come across a Linux
box or something and really want to play something on it).

Also, for both iTunes and Audible - when you burn it to a CD, how are
the disc breaks formatted? Since most books are longer than 1 CD, yet
you get one large file that plays for hours, are the CD breaks built
into the file, or is there a chance that  your CD can end in the
middle of a word? After all, the CD you stick in can be a 74 minute,
80 minute, or 99 minute CD... and do they retain their short
introductions at the beginning of each CD (title of book, author, and

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