[LMB] Which Bujold for book group?

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Specificly SF? If Cordelia's Honor can be found that would be good. Or maybe Brothers in Arms.

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Hello Everyone!

I just joined a book group last fall and it's my turn to pick a book.
I definitely want to do something science fiction, as none of them
reads it, and, of course, I do.  Unfortunately, there are some
problems.  I don't know any of them very well, so have little idea of
their taste in books, except it does seem like they tend toward the
literary.  We just did _Lolita_ for the last meeting.

Another problem is availability -- and that's where I'm a bit worried
about suggesting a Bujold book, I'm not sure how easy it is to get her
books in England.  So even though I'm asking for suggestions, I'm not
sure I'll go with one, because the book I end up deciding on needs to
be available here.  Plus, most of the recent repubs of the Vorkosigans
include more than one book.

Thirdly, the book can't be too long.  I don't think the group will
appreciate anything over 250 pages or so.

All that said, I'd really like to see if anyone has any experience
with picking Bujolds for other groups to read and how that worked out.
 I do recall some discussions of choices in the past.  Besides, with
the list traffic being a bit slow, at least this is on topic!

What Bujold would you suggest for a book group to discuss?  The
members' ages seem to span 25 to 50 at my approximation, but more
likely to be right in the middle of that range.  They're all
apparently working at the university in the careers section -- and
I've just recently horned in when they opened it up.

I'll see what you guys come up with before biasing the discussion with
what I've been thinking!

Oh, and I don't think we need to limit it to the science fiction.
Even though that was my first idea.

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