[LMB] OT: AKICOTL: Digitizing audiotapes/audiobooks

James cessnadriver at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 05:55:37 GMT 2007

OK, I've just found a collection of audiobooks on *gasp* cassette
tape. (I've also got a bunch more of Reader's Chair books on the way).

Alas, the only tape player is a nice walkman, but it doesn't lead to
good audio captures (I tried), and manual captures are somewhat labor
intensive (having to cue recordings up every 1/2 hour gets old,

The reason I want to digitize these is well, I don't carry a tape
player anymore - my iPod is smaller, holds more music, etc. etc. etc.

So I'm just wondering what the rest of list uses to convert cassettes
to digital. My tape player doesn't output enough volume for the line
input. I have considered a computer-controlled tape player, but it's
fairly expensive for what it really is -

Any suggestions?

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