[LMB] Long-lost family (mainly OT:)

ANDREW BARTON andrew.157barton at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 8 16:21:19 GMT 2007

I got a phone-call from a cousin recently telling me that her family tree researches had led to contact from a long-lost half-sister of mine, who was keen to get in touch with me.  She lives nearby and we'll be meeting in a few weeks' time.
  I knew that my sister existed, but thought that there was no prospect of ever tracing her.  My brother and I are still adjusting to the idea of meeting a close relative who is also a complete stranger.  Our shared mother died some years ago.
  Does anyone on the list have experience of this situation?  I'm happy to receive comments either on the list or by private email.
  Bujold: I'm taking a certain amount of inspiration from how Aral and Cordelia made it clear to Mark that they saw him as family.

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