[LMB] LibraryThing Recommendation (and it's not even OT :)

Martin Gill martinsgill at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 15:39:44 GMT 2007

I'm sure someone has mentioned it on list a while back, but I thought
I'd mention LibraryThing again.


Sometimes a tool impresses you so much by doing what you expect (when
you didn't expect it). I bet that doesn't make sense. Let's just say
as a software engineer and prolific computer user I have different
expectations of the way things will behave than a user that doesn't
have the same background knowledge of how most of these systems are
actually constructed. Basically, It did something the "user" in me
expected, but the engineer didn't, which is a pleasant reversal from
the way things usually are, but I digress.

I did a search on "The Vor Game", I wanted to see what foreign
language versions were listed. It returned a single result (from my
own library) and without bothering to read it, I just clicked on it
and started looking for the other language versions.

Only after a while did I notice that the book I was looking at was
Young Miles, and not "The Vor Game".

LibraryThing had actually realised that I owned the Vor game not in
it's own right, but as part of an anthology and had returned the
anthology I owned as the best match!

I've used loads of different book library database applications over
the years, and LibraryThing has finally made my life easier,
especially as I could just import all my existing books easily and
painlessly. And at $25 for a lifetime membership, it's certainly worth
the price by just letting me import everything (basically a list of
ISBNs). What's even better, I have German books in my list and it
offers Amazon.de and other German catalogues for ISBN lookups, which
is wonderful.

Well worth a look, if you're not a member already.

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