[LMB] LibraryThing Recommendation (and it's not even OT :)

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> Hrm, anything like Delicious Library which has an oh-so-neat barcode
> scanner for cataloging? (If your Mac has an iSight camera, you just
> pass the barcode over it through the displayed red line and it
> recognizes it and queries Amazon for the info. Saves a bit of
> time...). Or can it use a CueCat?
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It can use a CueCat scanner as I used one just last night to start 
entering my books.

Go to http://www.librarything.com/catalog/elbrutus to see my library, I 
still have another couple of hundred books to add yet.

>From using it for just a couple of hours last night it appears to work 
very well.


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