[LMB] Importing libraries to Singapore OT:

gpw at uniserve.com gpw at uniserve.com
Sun Mar 11 13:19:34 GMT 2007

The talk of LibraryThing has prompted me to seriously consider
using it to catalog  my collection.  Amongst other reasons is
that I'm possibly relocating to Singapore in the near future
and need to sort through all of them to determine what will be
permitted into the country.

It is easy to find material on the web about buying new content
while in Singapore, and I found a website that will let me review
the contents of my movie collection,


but it does not cover DVDs of television programs (which is a
significant chunk of my SF DVD content.)

I also have on the order of 1000+ books that need to be checked.

Is anyone familiar with how this other content can be screened prior
to shipping?


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