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Two  immediately jarring things in the audiobook: both to do  with
pronunciation.  First word: Dendarii.  Mr. Gardner  (audiobook reader)
pronounces it with an 'i' as in 'sight' at the end:  den-DARE-ee-ai.  Second
word: Galeni, which he pronounces as  gah-LEN-ai (again with the long i at
the end.)  I only mention them  because it was enough of a distraction that
it brought me out of the  story.  In fact, I had to lookup LMB's
pronunciations on the Bujold  Nexus to see herself's pronunciation.

Yes, I wondered too after listening to him in tVG how the Russian  Dendarii 
(Den-DAH-ree) suddenly became an Irish-sounding group called the  "Din-derry" 
Mercenaries.  It certainly did have a jarring effect.   Seems he's changed his 
pronunciation, but still not the right way.   Pity.
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