[LMB] upon rereading TSK:B, pt 7

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 14 01:43:58 GMT 2007

Now that I slowed down to notice more of what I read I'm in a
position to ask: How long do Lakewalkers live?!?

There are a lot of hint about age that I missed the first couple
times around.  I don't remember seeing the issue mentioned on the
list, either.  

1) Dag tells Fawn that his sharing knives came from a war 20 years

2) Some time later Mari says Dag's wife died in that war and Dag took
it badly.  

3) At some point Dag, thinking about someone else's craziness,
thought to himself that his dark time had come when he was 20 and not

4) Mari is Dag's aunt and Fawn estimates she's 20 years older than
Dag.  There's no other backup to the actual number but the
generational shift is clear.

5) Mari tells Fawn she expect to patrol for some time yet, then
retire back to camp and play with grandkiddies (or whatever little

So if one reads carefully, one realizes Dag is 55, Mari 75, both are
tough as nails and in excellent physical shape, and Mari expects to
live a long time yet.  

Which got me thinking.  How long do Lakewalkers live?  (Barring
accident and war dead.)  How long do farmers live?  I have the idea
that their lifespans aren't nearly as long, with Fawn's parents being
middle-aged and her grandparents (who might be 70-75 if they were
alive) being old.  Why the difference in lifespan?  Does this hark
back to the sorcerer days?  Were all the old-time city folk
long-lived?  Was it breeding or magic or something else?  

If Lakewalkers do have such long lifespans, what influence does that
have on Lakewalker culture?  Are Lakewalkers adults for a long time
or is adolescence extended?  Saun seems to be early 20s and an adult,
albeit a very junior one.  Is childbearing delayed, as it has become
for many in the US?  Are there a lot of cross-generational
friendships and relationships?

All questions, no answers,

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