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The Sundance Kid bobug at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 14 03:55:12 GMT 2007

Rebecca Swisher <rkswish at mac.com> wrote:
Am I allowed to speak freely and specifically about the first book of  
The Sharing Knife now, or do I have to be careful not to give  
anything away?  I was very interested in the book when I started  
reading it, but as it went on I became a bit hesitant about it  
because of the bad things that could happen to the good guys.  There,  
I didn't give anything away.

**** Heather: Yes, we're past the list rules for release dates. To be
courteous, I try to use "Spoiler" if I talk about specifics on books

By the way, last summer at MythCon, I was inspired to make butterbugs  
out of clay.  Can I post a web page that shows them?
**** Heather: We have people post links to things all the time... Link
up, with a description of what you're linking to :) ***

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