[LMB] Latin Pronunciation (was: (news) Blackstone note -- Memory, HH)

Paul E. Oppenheimer paul at peoppenheimer.org
Wed Mar 14 08:04:56 GMT 2007

On Mar 13, 2007, at 11:22 PM, Ruth Frey wrote:

>      Not as sure on the second pronunciation, but as a biologist  
> with a smattering of Latin pronunciation drilled into me, "den-DARE- 
> ee-ai" is the *Latin* pronunciation for a word spelled in that  
> manner.  And one rarely sees a "ii" ending (at least in English- 
> speaking countries) unless the intended language is Latin.  I  
> actually had a conversation about that with some friends once -- I  
> always end up automatically pronouncing that second "i" unless I  
> think about it . . .
>             -- Ruth

There are at least four ways of pronouncing Latin: reconstructed  
classical, church (italianate), church (germanic), and Mr. Chips/ 
In the first three, "Dendarii" is pronounced (approximately) <den-DAR- 
ih-ee>.  <den-DARE-ee-eye> is the fourth.

Paul E. Oppenheimer
paul at peoppenheimer.org

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