[LMB] RE: (news) Blackstone note -- Memory, HH

Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Wed Mar 14 16:59:00 GMT 2007

At 02:22 AM 3/14/2007, Ruth Frey wrote:

>  >Two immediately jarring things in the audiobook: both to do with
> >pronunciation.  First word: Dendarii.  Mr. Gardner (audiobook reader)
> >pronounces it with an 'i' as in 'sight' at the end: den-DARE-ee-ai.  >Second
> >word: Galeni, which he pronounces as gah-LEN-ai (again with the long i >at
> >the end.)  I only mention them because it was enough of a distraction >that
> >it brought me out of the story.  In fact, I had to lookup LMB's
> >pronunciations on the Bujold Nexus to see herself's pronunciation.
>      Not as sure on the second pronunciation, but as a biologist 
> with a smattering of Latin pronunciation drilled into me, 
> "den-DARE-ee-ai" is the *Latin* pronunciation for a word spelled in 
> that manner.  And one rarely sees a "ii" ending (at least in 
> English-speaking countries) unless the intended language is 
> Latin.  I actually had a conversation about that with some friends 
> once -- I always end up automatically pronouncing that second "i" 
> unless I think about it . . .

What I know of Latin pronunciation does not indicate an "eye" 
pronunciation of an i, ever.  I think that "Den dare ee eye" would be 
an English pronunciation of the word, and not even a good one, as I 
don't know of any common English words ending in an "i" which 
pronounces it "eye" (excepting the first person singular subjective 
case pronoun, of course).  I don't know what pronunciation the Romans 
gave words ending in "ii", but I bet it was a long "eee", or possibly 
a double "ee ee".

Regards, Pete
pgranzeau at cox.net 

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