[LMB] Impsec Database

Martin Gill martinsgill at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 13:23:29 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I'm making another stab at the ImpSec Database.

My last attempt a couple of years ago can still be seen
(http://www.martinsgill.co.uk/oldimpsec) but it basically went into
terminal decline the moment I started it, mostly because I wasn't
smart enough at the time to use a system that was easy to edit and
improve. Everytime I wanted to change something, massive overhead was
required, and that discouraged me.

No this time :)

I had a quick look around, and there's no such thing as a Bujold wiki.
There are a couple of wiki entries in wikipedia, but not a
comprehensive database of information for the Bujold stories.

I've re-created the ImpSec database as a wiki and moved close to half
the information from the old site into it already. I've also created
sections for Chalion and the Sharing Knife universes, not limiting the
site to just Vorkosiverse.

The hope is that my fellow listees will jump at the chance to
contribute and will help expand the site.

You can take a look at it now at http://impsec.martinsgill.co.uk

There are bound to be some teething problems to start with, and I'm
happily accepting comments and feedback. Please send them either to my
gmail address or to my impsec at martinsgill.co.uk address as linked
form the site. Or discuss it here on the list.



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