[LMB] Wormhole jumps

Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Mon Mar 19 09:49:32 GMT 2007

onyxhawke at onyxhawke.com wrote:

> Nope different branch. There are several wormholes in Komarr
> space, one leads to Barrayar, one Escobar, another Sergayar
> and iirc still another Beta.

While there are several wormholes in Komarr local space, none of
them lead directly to either Escobar or Beta Colony. The
discovery by Barrayar of the Komarr-Sergyar-Escobar route
shortened the trip between Escobar and Komarr significantly.
Previously, ships had to go via Jackson's Whole (9 jumps to get
there from Escobar) and Pol to make that trip.

Martin Gill posted a link to an on-line map of the Nexus.
However, I was unhappy with that map since it has several links
that are not supported by textev. So I made my own, which I think
is slightly superior to that one. Here's a link:


And a page with the supporting textev and some discussion:


Plus a list of unmapped systems:


Dan Tilque

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