[LMB] Wormhole jims, Barryar to Komarr

Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Mon Mar 19 10:36:33 GMT 2007

James Burbidge wrote:

> The number of intervening systems is one
> reason why it took so long for Barrayar to be "rediscovered"
> after the original wormhole the settlers arrived by collapsed.

It's also possible that the current wormhole to Barrayar did not
exist at the time Barrayar was settled but rather formed sometime
during the ToI. Or perhaps one of the wormholes linking Barrayar
and Komarr did.

One would expect that an inhabited planet will have its local
space surveyed for more links shortly upon discovery. If they had
done so for Barrayar, they may have found the route to Komarr if
it had existed then. Since this route was unknown at the time of
the wormhole collapse, it possibly didn't exist.

Note that the wormhole into Escobar space that the Barrayarans
used for their invasion was of recent formation. Escobar is an
old planet (perhaps some seven or eight hundred years since first
settlement) and all wormholes going to it should be mapped. Yet
the Barrayarans found an unknown one only one light-hour from the
planet (one light-hour is roughly the distance from Earth to
Saturn). The only way I can reconcile these facts is to assume
that the wormhole formed sometime after the Escobar system was
last surveyed.

Dan Tilque

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