[LMB] Wormhole jumps

Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Wed Mar 21 03:33:47 GMT 2007

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onyxhawke at onyxhawke.com wrote:
> D Tilque:
>> onyxhawke at onyxhawke.com wrote:
>>> Nope different branch. There are several wormholes in Komarr
>>> space, one leads to Barrayar, one Escobar, another Sergayar
>>> and iirc still another Beta.
>> While there are several wormholes in Komarr local space, none
>> of them lead directly to either Escobar or Beta Colony.

> I don't recall or see that I used the word directly.

You didn't, but it was implied. Perhaps you didn't realize that.

The thing is, the Nexus is completely connected[1] so that it's
possible to go from any planet to any other planet. So saying
that a planet has a wormhole leading to another planet is
meaningless unless there is something special about that
wormhole. Being a direct route is something special and is about
the only special thing that applies to this usage. So you were in
fact implying that there were direct wormhole routes from Komarr
to Escobar and Beta Colony.

Now the shortest routes to Escobar and Beta go via the jump route
to Sergyar, so you were really talking about a single wormhole
when you mentioned the three planets.

Dan Tilque

[1] Barring a collapsed wormhole or twoe, that is.

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