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> Yes it is.  Obviously your a Bujold fan but you are also a Thomas 
> Covenant
> fan.  A lot of my fiction gets picked up used so I have all sorts of 
> versions
> of the cover art.  It also appears that you are an Eddings reader.  I 
> expected
> to take some grief about that after some of the threads on the list.
> Countryboy - slowly changing or scanning in his covers to get them 
> right.  The
> photo-mosaic of my library is cool.

I doubt if I have read any of the Thomas Covenant books in 20 years, 
they are one of very few books I don't re-read.  Anne McCaffrey's 
Dragondrums was the book that got me into reading Sci/Fi and Fantasy 
back in the 80's before that I mostly read naval fiction (well I still 
do read it).

As for David Eddings the quality of his work went downhill a few years 
ago, I still buy his newest book in the vain hope that it has improved.


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