[LMB] Wormhole jumps

Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Wed Mar 21 04:01:13 GMT 2007

Phil Boswell wrote:

> I have no idea which map I derived this from (although I have a
> feeling it was this set immediately above), but maybe you
> could let me know if it's reasonably correct:
> http://wikisophia.org/wiki/User:Phil_Boswell/Bujold_Nexus

Yes I think it's correct and I do remember you came up with it
based on my map.

> The graph is duplicated because there are two layout algorithms
> available: the differences are fairly obvious, mainly (to
> simplify HUGELY ;-) in that one tries to preserve the
> "distances" given whereas the other tries to avoid overlaps

In both cases, the result is ugly, in my opinion. Mainly the fact
that connector lines are drawn directly over the circles that
indicate planetary systems.

Dan Tilque

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