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Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 21 20:29:34 GMT 2007

> Tom writes:
> We'll be flying into San Francisco on April 21. Does anyone
> have any suggestions for lodging (either recommendations or 
> warnings) in downtown San Francisco?

The Pan Pacific Hotel near Union Square is wonderful (or was, last
time I stayed there - I think it's been renovated).  Rooms aren't big
but are charming, interesting, and well laid out.  The hotel
restaurant is high quality and the location very good.  You can take
the trolley car directly to Pier 39, for example.  This review jibes
with my experiences.

While you're in SF go to Borderlands Books.  A real bookstore whose
staff knows their subject (SF, F, H).  The owner about killed himself
to get 8 LMB hardbacks (only one of which I could buy from
Borderlands) on site for a LMB signing several years ago, then
thanked me for being a good customer and fan.  Last time I was there
there was a cool, funky magic and costume shop a couple of doors
down.  Check a map before you go - Borderlands is nowhere near Union

Another thing I love to do in SF is walk Polk Street from about
Chestnut St to Broadway (it's downhill).  Lots of small bookstores,
funky shops, places to sit outside, enjoying a beverage and watching
people.  There are a zillion good Chinese restaurants but the one I
miss the most is R&G Cafe, on the eastern edge of Chinatowm, on
Kearney near Clay.  Wok Wiz runs (ran?) walking tours of Chinatown,
which I enjoyed.  

Caffe Sport, an Italian place in Little Italy on Green St is
notorious - either you love it or you hate it.  They boast a superb
kitchen, an unbelievably kitchy dining room, and are so bossy that
sometimes they won't let you order what you want but they think (they
say they know) you want.  I love the place.  There are two seatings a
night and you have to go to extraordinary lengths to get even a hint
of flexibility from them.  The only time I managed it was when I said
my Italian-speaking father (true) who married an Italian (false, but
my mother looks it) wants to eat there so badly (sorta true - I
wanted to eat there) that he's coming straight from the airport
(true) right off a flight from Indonesia (true).  Even that might not
have worked had I not been female, young, Italian looking, and making
the plea in person.  

Drat, now I'm famished.

I haven't been to SF in about 5 years, so check my data before making

- Harimad

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