[LMB] (news) more happy Blackstone updates

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Fri Mar 23 00:31:45 GMT 2007

The Blackstone Audiobooks royalty statement for the last half of '06 
drifted in today -- I'm pleased to note that all the titles up so far 
(as of December) have earned out their advances except /Cetaganda/, 
which only has $3.76 to go to join that happy state.

In the world of e-commerce, I note with great interest that the Internet 
downloads through Blackstone's partner Audible.com continue to outstrip 
my (rather minuscule) physical media sales by not just 10 to 1, but in 
some cases 20 to 1.  In part that's due to the "Not sold in any store!" 
problem -- brick & mortar bookstores carry few audiobooks and almost no 
audio F&SF, but the 'Net is open and stocked 24/7 worldwide.

I'm also pleased to report Blackstone will at last be picking up rights 
to /Mirror Dance/.  This book didn't sell with the earlier batch of 
Vorkosigan titles because we had to wait for the old Reader's Chair 
contract to expire.   But now it's in the queue.

A quick look at Blackstone's website also shows /Komarr/ due for release 
in May, yay!  That will bring the total to nine titles available.  I 
quite like their cover for /The Hallowed Hunt/, too (which is also up 
quite recently.)



All unabridged, as ever.  Tell your library audiovisual departments!

Ta, L.

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