[LMB] (news) more happy Blackstone updates

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Fri Mar 23 01:10:57 GMT 2007

That's wonderful!!  I bought the CDs of Memory to listen to in the  car, and 
plan to get it on Audible tomorrow.  I was hoping for Mirror Dance  soon, and 
I'm really glad to hear it's in the pattern.  But will someone  please tell 
that reader how to pronounce the names?  Other than that, he's  very good, but 
really, Din-DERry-eye?  And Ma Kost-eye?  Along with  many other non-liturgical 
Latinizations of European names.  I'll bet he  says Eye-talians, too.  You 
know, those people who live in Eye-tally?   Oh, well, it's better than no Bujold 
audiobooks, especially during allergy  season when reading gets painful.
Hallowed Hunt, and then Komarr in May--life is good.

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