[LMB] A day late...

lisamorgan at lairhaven.com lisamorgan at lairhaven.com
Fri Mar 23 13:00:15 GMT 2007

 I am doing my periodic re-read of all of the Vokosigan books. I just
finished Komarr and am a few chapters into A Civil Campaign. I am a
long-term Audible customer and already have all of the LMB books they
have. (Yes, including Cetaganda.) I wish I'd waited a few months so I
could have had them all as my "re-read." Anyway, I will be getting them
all, as they do not get stale. The reader did well with the
pronunciations in the ones I heard.

I am so glad the rest are coming out. I hate putting them down just to

Lisa Morgan

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