[LMB] OT:dog & cat food

Helen Fenton hifenton at internode.on.net
Fri Mar 23 15:52:20 GMT 2007

hedwig wrote:
> Nor Friskies or Fancy Feasts (both cat food), both of which are owned 
> by Purina which makes it's own foods as far as I know.
> Hedwig
> Meowmie to Widget, Jenny, Shadow, Bishop & Pixie
Thanks for that news - I don't know if food produced by the same 
companies sold here in OZ have the same problems but I am truly grateful 
that my feline companions are both spoilt rotten and will only eat 
Friskies or Fancy Feast products if they cannot finesse fresh food . 

Helen - household  staff and waitperson to Tabitha and Cassandra

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