[LMB] OT: LibraryThing

Adam Ek adamek at mac.com
Sat Mar 24 13:20:02 GMT 2007

On Mar 23, 2007, at 10:03 PM, countryboy66 at mchsi.com wrote:

> Drive by Larry Bird - I'm a good ole boy from Indiana, what's your  
> excuse?
> Lots of RPG books, I tend to collect those.
> Ahh Lovecraft excellent.
> Lots of Heinlein, Niven, and Spider three of my favorite authors.
> Prince of Amber series.  I'm still trying to read that one all the  
> way through.
>> We share 203 books in common. My librarything username is  
>> Blue_Wizard.

_Drive_ my wife's an old Celtics fan.

RPG, we're both gamers.

I haven't gotten around to Lovecraft.

The Heinlein's all mine, as is the Spider Robinson. We were  
duplicated on most Niven. (We sent duplicates up to my parent's camp  
for summer reading.)

Adam Ek
adamek at mac.com

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