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Tue Mar 27 15:31:30 BST 2007

"Carol Gray-Ricci" <felinoid at earthlink.net> wrote: *with lots of

I strongly suggest that anyone who is feeding a pet go to: 
http://www.menufoods.com/recall/  on a daily basis.  Some cat foods 
thatwere not on the list yesterday are on it today.  Another thing to
do is avoid "cuts in gravy" as the contaminated material is used as a 
thickener in the gravy.  Then, if the contaminated gluten was sold to
other manufacturers, we will help our pets.  If it wasn't, it isn't
going to hurt any of our pets to do without one or two flavors for a
day or two.

*snips the rest*
Heather: I'm more glad than ever that I shifted to Chicken Soup for the
Pet Lover's Soul. http://www.chickensoupforthepetloverssoul.com/ - They
have GOOD food, without filler stuff, and isn't affected by the recall.
I shifted to it about a year ago, after a friend turned me onto it.
Takes less quantity, also... 

I saw some coverage on some of the pets affected by this, and felt
sick. It's so hard to see a life we are responsible for in pain. If
anyone out there has had problems, my best thoughts are with you. 

-Heather in Albuquerque

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