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> On the Baen board, where for some reason we get the best discussions
> of  my Eos books, we were talking about what to name the new baby
> duology.   One of the fans there came up with an exceedingly cool
> haiku on the  topic, too.
> This series is interesting to me, among other reasons, because it
> gives  me a chance to play with yet another series structure. The VK
> series was  a collection of independent books set in one universe and
> timeline  focused on one character & his friends/family. The Chalion
> series, if it  ever gets completed, may be five books each linked by
> theme/god. TSK is  yet another model, the single story arc spanning
> several (in this case,  4) books.
> Actually, TSK is more complicated than that. Each book has an arc, and
> each pair has an arc, and the whole has an arc. Picture them as 
> semicircles in ascending rows: four, two one.
> The one thing each series has in common is that none were planned out
> in  advance. Series as an art form is under-studied in academic world 
> because while you can, just barely, get a gang of undergrads to read 
> half a dozen novels in a semester and compare and contrast them,
> there's  no way you can get them to read half a dozen series. But I
> believe  series is its own form. I (will) have explored 3 permutations
> of that  form; are there more? Etc.
> Given that, the thinking seems to be drifting toward keeping /The 
> Sharing Knife/ as an overall series title, with subtitles for each of 
> the four volumes, even though it started out to be the title for one 
> stand-alone book, but well, these things happen.  If I go that route, 
> the current title placeholders would be:
> The Sharing Knife, Vol. 3: GRACE RIVER

Grace River?

I have a -really- bad reacton to that as a title--there are two
different chains to me disliking, conflating:

1.  What do you get when you combine Grace Allen and Joan Rivers? 
Answer, Grace River(s).

2.  "Grace" as a Christian explicitly religous concept and all it
denotes and connotes.

Put the two of them together and I want to take a interstellar jumpgate
away from it! 

> and
> The Sharing Knife, Vol. 4: THE WIDE GREEN WORLD

That one sets up a resonance in me that pulls in How Green Was My
Valley, the Riverworld series by Philip Jose Famer, The Green Brain by
Frank Herbert (probably the worst book he ever wrote, for me it was a
total dog), and Wide World of Sports.  It's just not a title that does
positive things for me... for that matter, "looking green" means
someone's looking/feeling ill and about to have their dinner come back

>     Reversing, with some unfortunate confusion, the emphasis I
> insisted  upon for the first pair, with the overall title given
> prominence.  The  second pair being a duology by design rather than
> accident, the two  volumes are slightly more independent of each other
> -- I'm still worried  about too much clogging with necessary recap --
> but only slightly.  They  really will need to be read 1-2-3-4.
> Musing, L.

But anyway, those are my [non-positive] reactions to the prospective

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