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On 3/27/07, paal at gis.net <paal at gis.net> wrote:
> > The Sharing Knife, Vol. 3: GRACE RIVER
> Grace River?
> I have a -really- bad reacton to that as a title--there are two
> different chains to me disliking

To me, it is currently "meaningless."  If Grace River means something in
TSK:L, so this title implies some expansion of a theme introduced there, I'd
like it.

> and
> >
> > The Sharing Knife, Vol. 4: THE WIDE GREEN WORLD
> That one sets up a resonance in me that pulls in How Green Was My
> Valley, the Riverworld series by Philip Jose Famer, The Green Brain by
> Frank Herbert (probably the worst book he ever wrote, for me it was a
> total dog), and Wide World of Sports.  It's just not a title that does
> positive things for me... for that matter, "looking green" means
> someone's looking/feeling ill and about to have their dinner come back
> up..

"That the prettiest thing in the wide green world" was (roughly) Aunt
Nattie's reaction to seeing Fawn for the first time in TSK:B, so to me, this
title resonates with good.  It would also be a nice title for a concluding
volume of a series where some things from the earlier books are resolved.
In general, I have a very positive reaction to this.

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