[LMB] (chat) series and titles

Elvi Dalgaard elvi at vl.videotron.ca
Tue Mar 27 19:21:53 BST 2007

Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:

> Given that, the thinking seems to be drifting toward keeping /The 
> Sharing Knife/ as an overall series title, with subtitles for each of 
> the four volumes, even though it started out to be the title for one 
> stand-alone book, but well, these things happen.  If I go that route, 
> the current title placeholders would be:
> The Sharing Knife, Vol. 3: GRACE RIVER
I love the word/name grace, but to me the title "Grace River" fails to 
ignite the imagination, somehow. A fantasy/sci fi book doesn't have to 
SOUND like a fantasy book, of course, but Grace River could almost be 
anything. And in terms of poetic meter, it seems awkward and unmelodic 
to me.

> The Sharing Knife, Vol. 4: THE WIDE GREEN WORLD

This I like a lot. It sounds like a good concluding title, covering 
everything and wrapping it all up. We're not looking at bits and pieces 
anymore, we're seeing how it all fits together. It does echo "Wide 
Sargasso Sea" in my mind, but I've always liked that title as well 
(though not so much the book). This title gives us an impression of 
expansiveness, of no limits, and of growth and life. Yup, I like it.


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