[LMB] (chat) series and titles

paal at gis.net paal at gis.net
Tue Mar 27 22:54:25 BST 2007

>... But at least you are the audience I can get 
> access to.  I'm actually not sure it's any better than throwing darts
> in  the dark, but it's what I have.
> Other title suggestions, especially for book 3, are welcome;
> brainstorm  away.  What I can tell you, I guess, is that it takes
> place after  /Legacy/, stars Dag & Fawn as viewpoint characters again
> (which is a  spoiler, I suppose), and involves a river journey in
> which much is  learned but little resolved.  (Middle book syndrome. 
> But it's an  interesting ride...)

 What about a title with "Floating" in it--if they learn a lot and have
an interesting ride, but little gets resolved, they're floating in two
senses of the wording.... 

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