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On Tue, 27 Mar 2007, Sylvus Tarn wrote:
> Right now, Scalzi's first
> (published) novel _Old Man's War_ is missing, so I'm unwilling to check
> out the other two which they have, cuz I know at least one of 'em's a
> sequel.

_The Ghost Brigades_ contains huge spoilers for _Old Man's War_, so, yes, 
you should read them in order.

However, if you take my advice, you will leave both of them strictly 
alone. I have never been so digusted at a book in many years as with these 
two. OMW in particular was xenophobic and continually used straw-man 
arguments to try to make its points. I considered it intellectually 
dishonest. It tries to be an updating of Heinlein's _Starship Troopers_ 
(the book), losing the morality completely. Regardless of whether you 
agree with ST or not (and I don't), I think you have to admit that 
Heinlein's moral system is self-consistent and had been well-thought-out. 
Scalzi's future society and morality have huge logical holes in them. 
Comparing the books is like comparing Gen. Eisenhower with some more 
recent president.

Scalzi *can* write. Read _Agent to the Stars_, which is funny, not 
xenophobic, and clever.

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