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Wed Mar 28 00:32:44 BST 2007

On Tue, 2007-03-27 at 19:08 -0400, alayne at wrote:
> Scalzi *can* write. Read _Agent to the Stars_, which is funny, not 
> xenophobic, and clever.

Well, gee, I read that online and thought it was cute, and why I figured
I'd give his other stuff his try.  Still too cheap to actually
*purchase* it, you'll note, but yeesh, given our property taxes, I
figure I *ought* to take advantage of the local libraries.

Anyway.  I plowed through a lot of Scalzi's whatever blog, and find it
interesting---sometimes quite frustrating, but interesting.  

>  Regardless of whether you agree with ST or not (and I don't), I think
> you have to admit that Heinlein's moral system is self-consistent and
> had been well-thought-out.

Not touching that one with a stick, after the last lot of heinleinian
discussions we had on this list.  Besides, it's been too long since I've
read it and I don't think I could give the politics in it a fair trial
without a reread.  I will say it didn't irritate the way his later books
did.  Perhaps for that special angsty feeling I could read them both for
a compare and contrast;)

And it's gotta be better than that wretched military sf the wizard
checked out in which the heroine is outfitted with some sort of
incendiary brassiere---yes, all for a `booby traps' pun...mebbe I should
get our librarians a subscription to _Locus_ cuz they surely do buy some

love the twobikes thingie btw, since spouse is an icebiker (who joyfully
took his studs off last Sunday.

sylvus tarn

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