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Someone will probably swat me for suggesting it, but I just can't resist. For book there:

The world always makes the assumption that the exposure of an error is identical with the discovery of truth--that the error and truth are simply opposite. They are nothing of the sort. What the world turns to, when it is cured of one error, is usually simply another error, and maybe one worse than the first one. H. L. Mencken    

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>***Well, there is that.  But at least you are the audience I can get access to.  I'm actually not sure it's any better than throwing darts in the dark, but it's what I have.


I like Wide Green World. Grace River does not flow trippingly in my mind,
annoyingly enough to me.

>Other title suggestions, especially for book 3, are welcome; brainstorm away.  

Along Grace River?
The Grace River?
Traveling in Grace?
Waters of Grace?
Interesting Travels?
Traveling Grace River?
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